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Family Estate Organizer

Family Estate OrganizerThe Family Estate Organizer is a key ingredient to completing your estate planning.  The Family Estate Organizer is customized to you and your family.  Each Family is unique.Family Estate Table of Contents

The Family Estate Organizer is a centralized place to keep all of your important documents.  People who have these binders are impressed and feel taken care of.

This binder can be equally important as a Living Revocable Trust.  Both of these tools are critical to your family and heirs.

Please call now to schedule a time to meet and create your Family Estate Organizer 408-786-0508 or toll-free at 866-589-9366.

When you think about where your key documents are located, are they centralized?  Are they easy to find?  Does your family know where they are?  These questions will help you better understand the benefit to you and your family.

Building a Family Estate organizer requires time on both your part and our office’s part.  Therefore, we will send you a comprehensive list of items to locate for the initial meeting.  Our request is you locate what you can and we’ll start with that.  You’ll likely for the first time have your critical family documents organized and centralized.

Pricing – the value is well over $895.  To be honest this is a great way to get to know each other, therefore please mention this note and ask for discounted price of $795.

If you choose to become an investment client, the fee will be reduced, maybe even waived.

DIY Special – are you a do it yourself type?  Let us know that.  We’d like you to have this tool.  If you do the work, we will send you the template.  We will call to collect your basic information.

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