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We offer this service year round. As you can imagine we get pretty inundated with requests for support. Please schedule a time to speak with Mary Lee – No obligation.  No pressure – just a second opinion and clarity.

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Our office is located at 1875 Winchester Blvd, #101, Campbell, CA 95008.  Our phone number is 408-495-8383.  Our mailing address is located in San Jose: 123 E. San Carlos Street, #221, San Jose, CA 95112

We encourage you to get on our distribution list [to the right] to be kept up to date regarding this site, our other sites and of course the healthcare reform.  Also known as “Obama Care”.  Some people hate it, some people love it.  No matter where you sit you need to embrace it as healthcare reform is not going away anytime soon.

The Covered California process has been a rocky one.

The systems to enroll people have been fragile.  The insurance carriers had to cancel plans.  The doctors have opted out of many of the plans being offered.  Yet, we are not at the end of the rough road.  I’m not griping nor complaining.  Simply stating the facts.

In late September 2014 we met with a room full of Covered California Certified Insurance Agents and Peter Lee, the director of Covered California.  The laundry list of issues continues to exist.  Some have been addressed and some are ongoing.  We were briefed to expect surprised members when they do their taxes in 2015 for 2014.  There are new forms for those receiving premium benefits.  Some people could owe money.  SURPRISE!

Secondly, there are a large number of people who should be covered who have never signed up.  These people might be harder to get on board with the program.  Time will tell how that all works out.

As we all progress forward we will need to work together to smooth out the bumps.

Our team has much experience with the exchange system and we were an early adopter of the licensing and training required to help you and your family.

Please reach out if you need help or have been experiencing issues.

If we are not currently your health insurance agent – we may need to workout some details.

Call us today if you need assistance 866-589-9366

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